Bass Fishing Lures

Bass Fishing Lures - How to Pick the Best One For You

Bass Fishing Lures - How to Pick the Best One For You

Best Fishing Lures for Bass Fishing

What are the best Bass Fishing Lures for Sale? Some of these are, of course, but just because they're popular, that doesn't mean they're the best. In this article, explain exactly what we think are the best all around lures for Bass fishing. We'll talk about the ultra-light fluorocarbon Frumente, the perfect baitcast, the ultra-effective minnow, and the ultra-sophisticated spinner bait. By the time you've finished reading this, you'll know exactly what to look for when you go to buy your Bass fishing lures.


The most inexpensive fishing lures for Bass are the minnows. These minnows will allow anglers to easily cast their tackle in very shallow water and will allow them to be extremely nimble and active in the water. However, minnows are not particularly diverse in the habitats they live in, so they are only a great choice for fishing in very slow moving, shallow ponds, or slow-flowing rivers.


The spinner bait is the best bass fishing rod for catching bass with a moderate action in deep water. Spinner baits generally stay on the bottom, where they attract fish like crazy. When you cast your spinner, you want to have a light float with a long retrieve to get maximum distance and effectiveness out of your cast.


The square bill is the other cheapest and most popular bass fishing lure. The square bill is generally found on ponds and small streams, being cheaper to purchase as well as easier to find and easier to make. The square bill is effective because it has a wide surface area, which attracts fish like crazy. Also, these types of lures can be stored with other lures when not in use, being a tiny, light and easy to carry bait. However, when using your square bill on a stream or similar body of water, you need to keep at least one foot of water between your spinner and your target, to ensure that the lure doesn't sink too far down.


One of the best lures to use in rainy weather conditions are the soft plastic types of topwaters. The best results from these types of topwaters are when fishing in calm weather conditions with calm water. These topwaters are great for when you don't want to go through the trouble of getting to the deeper areas of a lake or pond, where you can often times find more fish.


The very popular and versatile jig is one of the best bass fishing lures to use in all types of weather conditions. The most popular jigs are the small round ones with a hook on the end, which look great in shallow water. You can also fish jigs off or near the shoreline in calm weather conditions because a jig can be fished along the bottom of the lake or pond. The jig can also be fished along or near the shoreline without sinking too far down.


Other excellent baits to use with the bass fishing lures include crankbaits, minnows and anything which look striking. If you have fished the same areas in the same manner, then you know which tackle to use, as certain baits work better than others in different situations. The tackle you use will also determine the types of lures and tackle you can use.


Some bass fishermen swear by spoons, while other anglers would rather use jigs or spinners. Spoons are usually fished using a spoon while jigs can be fished using a lead head attached to it. Spinners are just that, a spinner, and are usually fished using leader. No matter what type of lure or tackle you decide to use, as long as it fits your bass fishing strategy, you will be a success!

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