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Skinny Hard Crankbait Sinking Minnow

Skinny Hard Crankbait Sinking Minnow

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Skinny Hard Crankbait Sinking Minnow

Great for all kinds of fishing!

Bass, Muskie, Pike, Walleye, etc.

Weight: 0.10oz

Length: 2.72in

Experience great fishing with the Skinny Hard Crankbait Sinking Minnow. This minnow is perfect for a variety of fish - from bass to muskie, pike, and walleye - with a weight of 0.10oz and a length of 2.72in. Take your fishing trips to the next level with the Skinny Hard Crankbait Sinking Minnow!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Laura Navarro
Turning Every Cast into a Catch

With this lure, every cast turns into a catch. It's that effective.

Paula Romero
This Lure Boosts Your Skills

Notice a significant improvement in my fishing skills since using this lure.

Ruben Herrera
This Lure Brings Joy to Every Trip

It's not just about catching fish; this lure brings joy to every fishing trip.

Alexander Cruz
Unleashing Your Fishing Potential

Using this lure is like unleashing my full fishing potential.

Oliver Gonzalez
Finding Treasure in Every Cast

Every cast with this lure feels like finding treasure. It's a true gem.