Can you go Bass Fishing At Night?

Can You Go Bass Fishing at Night?

Can You Go Bass Fishing at Night?

Can you go bass fishing at night

You might be asking yourself "Can you go bass fishing at night?" After all bass is an early to late night fish. Bass are aggressive and territorial species and they don't make as much noise as other night fishing species do. However, that doesn't mean that the bass are any less rewarding. Quite contrary, they really can be very challenging to catch during the daylight hours.


Night fishing for bass is a little bit different than day fishing. Bass live in fast moving currents and they move a lot faster than the fish you might be following after for day fishing. At night these fish have a way to hide themselves away from your food and therefore you will have to use some of your best night vision equipment if you want to get a good bass fish. If you go with a mentor or some type of guide during your bass fishing at night time, it makes it a little easier because you can stay out well after dark and still see the bass.


If you are going to try your hand at night fishing for bass, there are a few things that you need to do before you set off. First, you need to have a fishing rod that has less line. This way you aren't tempted to pull the rod too far back because the bass will bite and go back. Also, you'll want to have a rod that is lighter in weight, as you are going to want to keep the bass near you. If you go too far with a heavy tackle box and tackle, you run the risk of the bass jumping on the heavier tackle box, which is something you don't want to happen when trying to fish at night.


Also, depending on what type of bass you are going after, you'll want to use either live bait that is in powdered form. Live bait is an idea that has been growing in popularity lately. Bass fishermen seem to really love the taste of the bait that is left on the water after they have hooked it. The problem with this though is that you are left holding the wet bait, which isn't very appetizing for a hungry bass. It is much better to have a few dead baitfish on the end of your line. In fact, bass fishermen are known to let the baitfish dry off on the end of their lines before they return to fishing.


When you're going to be bass fishing at night, you'll also want to be extra cautious. Remember, bass tend to have a keen sense of smell, and you could catch yourself something if you aren't careful. Put on your flip-flops and make sure your shoes are extremely comfortable. It's also a good idea to bring along some insect repellant or sunscreen, just in case you get struck by the bugs while you are bass fishing at night.


Probably the most fun part of bass fishing at night is trying to chase the bass. If you don't know how to effectively do this, then it is highly recommended that you go out fishing with a friend. You'll learn a lot from the experience of someone who has fished in this manner before. You'll also learn how to maximize your equipment so you can crank out as much bass as possible during the time that you're on your own.

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