Trout Fishing in Wisconsin

Trout Fishing In Wisconsin

Trout Fishing In Wisconsin

Trout Fishing is perhaps the most popular sport in Wisconsin and is popular all over the world. Trout can be found in freshwater as well as lakes and streams. Its one of the few sports that can be enjoyed year-round because trout live in all the lakes and streams in the state. Here are some of the best places to go fishing for trout in Wisconsin.

Trout Fishing


Madison River - This is the best source of trophy trout in the entire state of Wisconsin. Millions of rainbow and brown trout can be found in the cold waters of the Madison River in Wisconsin. The water temperature of the river fluctuates, which allows anglers to catch both large and small fish species during different seasons. For those who want to try out a new spot for trout fishing in Wisconsin, the Madison River offers year-round warm water fishing opportunities.


Green Bay - Located in the Black River National Recreation Area, Green Bay offers excellent fishing for both northern and mid-sized types of trout. There are several locations that offer easy access to Green Bay, such as State Road 539, which leads straight to the bay. At Green Bay, you will find a wide array of creeks and rivers where trout are always available. Trout from Green Bay are frequently harvested for their meat and for their eggs, which are later used for food and bait by other species. Driftless and brown flies are used to attract trout and to help them stick to the bottom of the water.


Fox River - Located in the Menominee River drainage, Fox River offers an abundance of prime locations for trout fishing in Wisconsin. Small creeks and rivers provide the perfect habitat for wading and fly anglers. As the climate in Wisconsin continues to become more moderate, and temperatures warm up, fishing is expected to increase as temperatures warm up and remain comfortable for wading and fly fishermen.


Brown River - Located in the Menominee River drainage, Brown River provides excellent stretches of clear and cool waters for fishing. The waters are easily accessible through the Menominee River State Park, and public access can be arranged by the Wisconsin Department of Tourism. Fly fisherman often fish the large populations of brown trout in the cooler waters of the Menominee River. Rainbow Trout and brook trout are also known to make their homes in these waters.


Lake Wisconsin - One of the most popular locations for trout fishing in Wisconsin, Lake Wisconsin offers a variety of locations where fish can be found. Trout enthusiasts find the waters of Lake Wisconsin to be very compatible with their lifestyle. This means that trout found in Lake Wisconsin have copious amounts of oxygen in their body and are capable of living in relatively small bodies of water. However, fish found in the waters of Lake Wisconsin tend to be much larger in comparison to the trout from other locations, including the smaller creeks and rivers in Wisconsin. Large mouth bass, largemouth bass and pike have been reported to be caught in Lake Wisconsin.


Driftless Lake - For those anglers who are seeking for a challenging, yet serene location for fishing, driftless Lake may be the ideal choice. The majority of the trout found in this reservoir are considered to be very large in comparison to the other species of trout found in the area. Trout of all sizes, shapes, and colors can be found in the reservoir, which has been noted for being completely devoid of any kind of mosquitoes or insects during the summer months. Another feature of driftless Lake is the fact that it experiences very low levels of inflow of ice and snow throughout the year. This has been noted to be a favorable habitat for drifting trout.


Many of the major rivers and streams in Wisconsin, such as the Menominee River, Green Bay, Menominee, Brown Deer Creek, De Perey and others, do not experience very high levels of inflow of insects or mosquitoes. Although, they can still be visited during certain times of the year, they may not be as welcoming to a novice trout fisher. Trout will prefer to feed on smaller-sized worms, such as bluegill or night crawlers, rather than bugs. Trout can be caught by fishing smaller streams and creeks, but some of the best trout fishing occurs in big rivers, as they have the ability to support large numbers of trout, along with the natural conditions of their environment.

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